30.4.12 Day 1

We are the champions – my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end

You don’t become a ‘champion’ by half measures and everyone included in this composition achieved their reputations through their dedication and by keeping on fighting – till the end. Sharing the presence of these special people is going to be motivation in itself this week but Freddie’s words have always been an inspiration, I know I will hear him singing in my head. There are always things that can go wrong with painting projects, large or small, I’m going to have to keep on fighting too in order to achieve a successful conclusion.

I arrived at Fulbridge School at 9.00 and after organising myself with step ladders, projector and assorted materials in Shrek Way, my corridor base for this week, I began work with the ‘Champions of Humanity’ mural project. I’ve had a good and full day, working continuously. When I left the building at 5.00 I had 13 of the 15 portraits drawn on the wall. There have been some interesting reactions to my presence in the corridor, obviously the children are used to outside visitors but I’ve had several questions to answer. My space is very public; staff, school visitors and children have been walking past all day, talking with me and watching. I’m certainly not working in a hidden and private area, this is a far cry from the peace and quiet of my studio, I’m going to be under the microscope all week. I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made and have more completed than I thought I would at this stage. It’s been a tough day physically and mentally. It’s going to be a demanding week.