3.5.12 Day 4

I’m closing on the finishing straight, I may be on course to complete the task tomorrow. Both grey tones have been applied and now that I have begun using black paint the portraits are beginning to emerge from the wall. A comment by one child has to be the quote of the day, describing the painting as ‘Museum worthy’ – I’ve always wanted to paint one of those! However I hear some strange and amusing things during the course of a day, yesterday I’m sure I heard someone say ‘I’ve got a brick banana’!!! I’m working in a corridor with two classrooms close by and it has been an education and privilege to hear lessons in a variety of subjects being delivered with such energy and enthusiasm. My school experience of maths, history and science wasn’t presented in such a stimulating manner. Simon – you’re a star!

It’s been a change of discipline working in such a methodical way, so different from my landscape work, but the mural is certainly not a painting by numbers. I need to continue further with the black tone in the morning and will then revisit different areas to modify elements and unify the composition, so that the end result isn’t simply a collection of 15 unconnected pieces.