Many years ago I was talking to a chum about the renovation project we were about to undertake after moving into our home, which we bought in a very dilapidated state. The place required a serious makeover, and because of the cost we had no choice but to do the bulk of it ourselves. He gave me a piece of advice which has remained with me since, “Slates, when it comes to tiling, there’s either good tiling or bad tiling. There’s no in between.”

A man of few words, I knew he meant what he said and often when I am considering a task I hear him whispering in my head. He was with me again today as I continued with the painting of large letters. It’s been another long day with the need to work with due care and attention, it would be a disaster if the most important ingredient was below standard. For ’tiling’ read ‘lettering’. There’s either good lettering or bad lettering. There’s no in between

R2B28a   R2B28b   R2B28c

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