A Postcard from Crete

10 – 17 April 2013

A first visit, a new landscape to stimulate the senses and much to learn. An invitation to visit Agia Pelagia, near Spili, in the centre of the island. A landscape filled with the clamour of goat bells and the ‘singing’ of crickets and cicadas; the dappled shade and sunlight filtering through glittering leaves of ancient olive trees; a sky of clean, crisp azure unpolluted by the chalky scrawl of vapour trail graffiti; waves lapping lazily on multi-coloured pebbles of deserted and secluded beaches; wind and rain lashing through deeply cut weather beaten gorges; the cool, damp atmosphere of liberally scattered miniature chapels adorned with decaying wall paintings and icons; the distinctive flavour of locally brewed wine and raki; villages woven together with ramshackle houses swathed with character; battered cars, battered roads and an economically battered population – but the warmth and convivial nature of the Cretan people is an inspiration. To return is a must. It’s a different pace, and another world!

How do I deal with this???!!!! A first impression. 6 adjoining notebook scribbles of the extensive panoramic outlook from Peter & Monica’s terrace

SLATER-Scan 17   SLATER-Scan 1   SLATER-Scan 14

SLATER-Scan 15   SLATER-Scan 16   SLATER-Scan 4

SLATER-DSCF5432   SLATER-Scan 5   SLATER-Road to Ligres

Travelling toward Ligres

SLATER-Scan 6   SLATER-Scan 7   SLATER-Scan 8

SLATER-DSCF5449   SLATER-Ligres Beach   SLATER-Ligres Beach Taverna

Working on the deserted beach at Ligres

SLATER-Scan 10  SLATER-Scan 11  SLATER-Scan 12  SLATER-Scan 9

Notebook scribbles from the patio of the Villas, Agia Pelagia

SLATER-The Sea through the Gorge i

The Sea through the Gorge, from the patio of the Villas, Agia Pelagia

SLATER-DSCF5538   SLATER-Looking South from the Villas ii

Looking south from the Villas, Agia Pelagia

SLATER-DSCF5543   SLATER-The Sea through the Gorge ii

The Sea through the Gorge, from the patio of the Villas, Agia Pelagia

SLATER-Scan 3   SLATER-Scan 18

From P&M’s terrace, a preliminary scribble

SLATER-From P&M's terrace L   SLATER-From P&M's terrace R

Looking toward the White Mountains from P&M’s terrace, with a strong breeze blowing!