Sounds of the Sea

A collection of North Norfolk seascapes on show at the Right Angle Gallery, Brackley.
A distant horizon, the taste of sea salt, the call of sea birds and the running tide, with a soundtrack by Elgar, Debussy, Britten, Glazunov …………………………………… and Procul Harem

A Salty Dog
Oil on Board    30 x 61 cm
Giant transporters
Matchsticks on the horizon
Swamped in a deluge

Elgar Sea Slumber
Oil on Board    30.2 x 30.2 cm   

Shorebound Flocks with Echoes of Debussy       
Oil on Board    30.1 x 30.1 cm   

Dusk Approaching, Seabirds Gathering – Light on the Horizon               
Oil on Board    30.1 x 30.1 cm   
Recession ahead
Sombre forecasts prevailing
Uncertain future
– Light on the horizon

Seabirds Soaring and Calling       
Oil on Canvas    56 x 76.3 cm   
Fearless, majestic
Seabirds soaring and calling
Braving storm force winds

A Storm for Peter Grimes           
Oil on Canvas    61 x 71.3 cm   
Amorphous backcloth
Sculpted by strong northerlies
Drapery at sea

Dark, overladen
Flying, floating containers
Jettison their cargo

Shifting Horizons               
Oil on Foamboard    59.5 x 84 cm   
The closer I get
The further away it feels
– Shifting horizons

For Alexander Glazunov           
Oil on Board    61 x 91.5 cm   
Clouds monumental
A stormtrooping chorusline
Drenching the skyline