The Art of Poetry

Two paintings, ‘Blue Salute Sunset. Turner Speaking From Beyond the Horizon’ & ‘Black Nene Willows’, included in a diverse exhibition of art inspired by poetry and accompanied by the poetry that inspired it. The exhibition, at Obsidian Art Gallery in Stoke Mandeville, will be open from Friday 21 March – Wednesday 23 April 2014.

In addition, a specially commissioned book featuring selected work from the show will accompany the exhibition, and includes a haiku and colour illustration of ‘Black Nene Willows’

SLATER-Blue Salute Sunset

Blue Salute Sunset. Turner Speaking From Beyond the Horizon
Oil on Board    55 x 55 cm

Learning from a Master

A daunting prospect
Following giant footsteps
And reputation

Walking in a dream
And looking through Turner’s eyes
With captivation

SLATER-Black Nene Willows

Black Nene Willows
Oil on Canvas    65 x 55 cm

Dusk falling
Black willows weeping