‘A Mad Tea-Party’ at Titchmarsh School
– The Mural


One month after the World Book Day Drawing Workshops and I returned to Titchmarsh School for an ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ day to complete the Mad Tea Party project.

On my last visit Eeyore met me at Reception, this time it was the Queen of Hearts. It was also a ‘Sharing Day’, with children from Warmington School visiting, and I worked with five age groups, six children at a time, to paint a mural in the school hall. With the wall measuring 10′ high and a width of 16′, naturally the lower half of the painting received the most attention during the course of the day. I therefore returned for another couple of sessions to paint the upper half by myself and to make some tidying adjustments to the start made by the children.

The end result is a composite project. I created the design using a variety of the images produced during the drawing workshops as the individual elements and almost all of the children made a contribution to the painting process, which I then brought to a conclusion. A truly collaborative and co-operative effort, with a successful end result too!