Image making workshops at William Law Primary

– Ancient Egypt


At the tail end of January I received an email from Darren Smith, First School Team Leader at William Law CE Primary School, Peterborough, with a invitation to spend a day working with some groups of children from year 3 and using Ancient Egypt as the theme. We arranged a meeting the following week which included Bethan Parry, Year 2 Teacher and Art Co-ordinator, and a date was arranged for a charcoal drawing day.

Today therefore I’ve worked with three groups of enthusiastic children and as a conclusion five young volunteers assisted me to share their experiences with other teachers in the school as I led a workshop session for staff.

We’ve rolled up our sleeves and thrown caution aside to create some inventive images inspired by the land of the sphinx, pharaohs and pyramids – with the pulsating rhythm and sounds of Madness never far from my mind! I just wish I’d remembered to take my camera, so many thanks for the pics Bethan!