Image making workshops at the Fulbridge Academy

– Portrait


Another workshop, this time at the Fulbridge Academy working with children from year 3 & 4 thanks to an invitation from Rebecca Lockert. The first of two workshops having ‘Portrait’ as their theme, with this one presenting the subject formally and proportion being a priority. Next time we’ll be considering distortion, with the face as a caricature.

I met with 3 groups of 30 children during the course of the day with each session following a similar format. Following some initial exercises to warm up I presented some images by Leonardo da Vinci to show the children his painting of the Mona Lisa, his portrait of a man in red chalk, his map of Imola, anatomical drawings and analytical drawings of the human form and head.

Using these last drawings as a starting point we then produced a drawing of a head by employing a grid. A second drawing was then produced which was much looser in structure but which used the same principles and some very lively and successful drawings were produced as a result.

Why ‘All or Nothing’? It’s the Small Faces.