Catching Breath in Venice

8 – 10.1.06

Learning from a Master

A daunting prospect
Following giant footsteps
And reputation

Walking in a dream
And looking through Turner’s eyes
With captivation


Drowning in adjectives!

Majestic, ethereal

Mystical, sensational


Looking back at Canaletto

They’re inaccurate
But entirely convincing.
Paintings come alive!

Walking in oil paint!
Canaletto’s vedute!
Can’t believe my eyes!


Spellbound, overwhelmed
Eyes filled and spilling over
A life’s wish come true


Travel Notebook

Scribbled distortions
Inaccurate proportions
Mental absorptions


Time frozen
In a Blue Lagoon
– It’s Venice!


Ink black pond skaters
Floating matchstick silhouettes
Crossing a mirror


Déjà vu? Perhaps
A second coming? Maybe
I’ve been here before

With Canaletto
In magnificent Turners
Many others too

It’s not a stranger
No introduction needed
A friend already


My notebook practice
‘Edit the inessential’
Not easy at all

Not drawing
Just ‘scaraboti’
Dash. Dot. Scrawl


Bridge of Sighs

How to bridge the gap
Between site and studio.
Turner did. Can I?