Operation Amsterdam

1997 & 1998

Following footsteps
I walk streets graced by Rembrandt
To catch his shadow


Balancing bridgeways
Over watery highways
Cobble stoned byways


Coffee, freshly brewed
Rijksmuseum, van Gogh too
Mind that! Sidestep poo!

Wet Streets, silver lines
Hand rolled cigs (but not Woodbines!)
Red lights, neon signs

Bike bells ring, trams clang
No mistaking where I am
Back in Amsterdam!


Drowning in God’s tears
‘Hiroshige’ sightseers
Splash through Dam Square weir!

Thunder! Lightning strikes!
Heavens open filling dykes
Wet me, dodging bikes!


Circular city
Ringed like a slice through a tree
Defying the sea

Enthralling, vibrant
Fills me, the short stay migrant,
With great excitement

Galleries galore
Filled with paintings I adore
To study and draw

Dimly lit and brown
Bars filled with conversation
Thrive throughout the town

Bric-a-Brac, knitwear,
Markets in the open air
Pop up everywhere

I mean no cliché
When I say, I hope I may
Soon return one day


Canalside houses
Echoes of Golden Ages
Lean on strong neighbours