A journey invigorates. New sights and sounds; scents and flavours; people, languages and accents. A fresh outlook; a new perspective; an opportunity for adventure – whether to Vienna, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Normandy, Dublin, the Argyll coastline…………….or Scarborough. Colin’s travel images, both drawings and paintings, are produced on location and from notebook drawings in the studio.

Like a rainbow’s end,
Searching beyond horizons
Is worth the journey

“My notebook, drawing materials and diary are travel essentials. Scribbles are preferred to a camera. A quick notation provides memories aplenty, whether they are words or pictures.”

Far & Near – Travels with my Notebook
2-29 September 2010
Exhibition Wall
The Castle, Castle Way, Wellingborough NN8 1XA
01933 229022

Far & Near – Travels with my Notebook Part 2
2-29 September 2010
Right Angle Gallery
24 Manor Road, Brackley, Northants NN13 6AJ
01280 702462