Sowing seeds of doubt
Uncertainty. Assessing
The lie of the land

Mental images
Successfully imagined

Searching for something
Far beyond the visible
Rainbows’ pot of gold

A step. Another.
Exploring, experiencing
Landscapes’ highs and lows

Learning from ploughmen
Drawing furrows, scratching drills
Across blank canvas

Scattering my dreams
Some falling on stony ground
Others growing roots

Learning from rivers
The reward’s in the journey
With tumbles and turns

Success and failure
Always around the corner
One or the other

Learning from weather
Rainfall, wind, frost, snow and sun
Eroding mountains

With honest outlook
Quiet eye, an open ear
Nothing’s impossible

Learning through landscape
Awakes all of the senses
– Nature’s a teacher

Harvest of a Quiet Eye
2nd – 3rd October 2004
All Saints
Polebrook PE8 5LN