Murals & Bigger Picture Projects

2022    Fosse Mead Jump In Let’s Go! Mural

2020    Meadowside Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal Mural

2020    St. Brendan’s Vivaldi Mural

2019    Rowlatts Mead Dido’s Lament Mural

2019    Meadowside Gruffalo Wood & Art History Timeline Mural

2019    Rowlatts Hill Under The Sea & Rainforest Mural

2018    King’s Cliffe Land Of Make Believe Mural

2018    Fulbridge Sports Hall Mural – Third Half

2018    Fulbridge Sports Hall Mural – Second Half

2018    King’s Cliffe Heroes Mural

2017    Fulbridge Sports Hall Mural – First Half

2017    Rowlatts Hill Gladiator Mural

2017    Rowlatts Hill Give Peace A Chance Mural

2017    Rowlatts Hill Once Upon A Time Mural

2016    Fulbridge Thank You For The Music Mural

2015    Rowlatts Hill Casablanca Mural

2015    Fulbridge Sistine Chapel Mural

2015    Titchmarsh BFG & Dahl Storybook Murals

2014    Warmington Monet Mural

2014    Fulbridge Diner Mural

2014    Dogsthorpe Bungle In The Jungle Mural

2014    Newark Hill Night Owl Mural

2014    Titchmarsh Rabbit Hole Mural

2014    Titchmarsh Mad Tea Party Mural

2013    Voyager Born To Be Wild Bigger Picture

2013    Warmington Instant Karma! Mural

2013    Fulbridge Gruffalo Wood & Dear Zoo Mural

2013    Titchmarsh Passport Mural

2013    Fulbridge Roots To Branches Bigger Picture

2012    Fulbridge Volcanic Corridor Mural

2012    Fulbridge Champions Of Humanity Mural

2007   Warmington Underpass Mural

2004    Prince William School Influential Figures of the Twentieth Century Mural (Painted with Maria Slater)

2003   Caverstede City on the Edge Of The Fens Bigger Picture & Heritage Path

1978    It Never Rains But It Pours Garage Door Mural

1977    Patience Is A Virtue Coventry Mural